Introduction of the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard

Various attractive offers for Mercedes-Benz club members

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Mercedes-Benz ClubCard (front side)


In 2006, the Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management  introduced its Mercedes-Benz ClubCard. More than 60,000 of these cards have been distributed to the members of the Mercedes-Benz Clubs worldwide. However, since many members still have questions concerning the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard, and the associated offerings are being continually expanded, we have decided to help by providing the following information.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management (MBCCM)
MBCCM is the central umbrella organization for all Mercedes-Benz brand clubs. There are a total of 80 officially recognized Mercedes-Benz Clubs worldwide, with more than 100,000 members. Since 2006 the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard is the official means of identification of our club members.

The Mercedes-Benz ClubLounge is online
The Mercedes-Benz ClubLounge provides information on Mercedes-Benz ClubCard offerings, and it has a number of special features, including a member forum, prize competitions and a dealer discount product list.

Mercedes-Benz ClubLounge

Museum admission ticket discounts
The Mercedes-Benz ClubCard entitles club members to discount prices for admission tickets to many museums in Germany. In the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, for example, holders of the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard get free entrance!

Hotel offerings
For the club members, MBCCM has managed to make special hotel arrangements with premium partners.
Upon presenting the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard, club members receive a discount or can book special offers. The topic ‘Hotels’ presents a full list of our exclusive discount partner-hotels that entitle amenities for our members.

Online forum
One of the main features of MBCCM’s new Internet offerings is the Club Forum. The Forum is exclusively available for cardholders. To participate in the forum, card holders must first create a user profile in the ClubLounge.


The forum was established to promote communication among the club members and with Mercedes-Benz Classic. In addition to the employees responsible for Mercedes-Benz Club support, you will also be able to contact experts from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Service Center which is the right contact for technical support. 


Questions concerning the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard


How can I get a Mercedes-Benz ClubCard?
Only members of our officially recognised Mercedes-Benz Clubs are entitled to the exclusive Mercedes-Benz ClubCard. Application for a ClubCard should be made through the membership administration officer of the club of which you are a member.

How do I activate my Mercedes-Benz ClubCard?
The Mercedes-Benz ClubCard is automatically activated.

How do I get a new Mercedes-Benz ClubCard?
Lost or damaged your card? Changed your name?
The clubs themselves are responsible for ordering new cards. Please speak to the membership administration officer of your club.

Have your changed your address?
Please send your new address to the membership administration officer of your club. This officer will be responsible for sending the card to your new address in future.

I don’t seem to be able to log into the ClubLounge?
To access the ClubLounge at you will need your ClubCard ID. You will find your club ID on the reverse of your Mercedes-Benz ClubCard. In the case of the 190 SL Club, for example, the ID is made up of the initials „SCD“ and a six-digit number.

The password at first log-in is your surname, written in lower case letters.

If you still find you are unable to log in, please send an email with your contact details and ClubCard ID to:

Suggestions relating to the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard
If you and your company would like to become involved with the ClubCard programme, please email: